"The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one's opportunities and make the most of one's resources."

Welcome to Camlas Trading

Camlas Trading invests it's own capital alongside other investors to achieve returns that are more attractive than a typical savings account.

Since our formation we have set out to achieve annualized gains of at least 4% which we have continued to surpass.

This target may seem very conservative but to my own knowledge is a much better return than what the average savings account has to offer in the UK.

Any option which provides a better rate of return usually comes with rigid terms.
We regularly monitor saving account rates to ensure our target remains superior.

Our areas of investment have included local merchandising, digital assets and property development but we have shifted to concentrate on financial investments, predominantly targeting marketable securities.

This investing enterprise was initially formed within a group of close knit friends and family, whilst we always welcome additional investors it is imperative that their values, interests and understandings of investing are all in line with ours. This is in no way a 'get rich quick' scenario.

You must read and understand the 'Partnership Rules' section of this website before any investment can be made.


If you would like to discuss more or want to get on board please head over to the contact page.