Camlas has been formed within a group of close knit friends and family whose values, interests and investment goals  are all equal.

We want to keep it that way.


Our roots go back to around 2010. At the time I was very much involved with buying and selling items on eBay as well as listing items for friends and family (a service I still provide).

It was decided that rather than returning any profits I made from selling their items I would instead use it as capital to purchase additional items to sell, giving them a share of the enterprise and so increase their income further. My two friends Yendle and Craig and my brother Rory were the first to exploit this arrangement and to this day have kept their earnings invested as well as topping up their holdings whenever they can.

We continued the eBay hustling for a brief period until I realized that the ship had sailed, we made what little we could from it but competition became too fierce. Fortunately around this time I managed to come across a property development opportunity.

Once we sold off all our outstanding stock for eBay I decided it was best to discontinue the operation and reinvest the lads' money towards the property. These funds were tiny in the grand scheme of things but were still extremely useful for purchasing 'odds and sods' for the project. They also put in 90% of the labour required (a lot more than me) and were paid in shares for their efforts rather than cash. We flipped the property in 6 months making a small profit. This profit provided the seed to establish where we are today, transferring our property shares into Camlas shares, focusing our attention predominantly in financial investments, digital assets and marketable securities.


After restructuring as Camlas I wanted to simplify our mission:

To generate long term returns superior to those available within a typical savings account for friends, family and close associates.

Investment Approach

Our main avenue of investing is to seek out and purchase portions of publicly traded companies we believe to be undervalued based on their intrinsic value.

We are not in the game of "buying and selling shares". We don't tend to pay much attention to the stock market on a day by day basis, in fact when it comes to investing in publicly traded companies we only tend to act a few times a year.

We believe this to be the best approach and certainly do not follow the trend of a lot of retail investors who regularly trade stocks without any prior fundamental research.

We tend to stay clear of fads, we don't suffer from FOMO and are very rarely involved with the latest "buzz stock" just so we can say at a dinner event "Oh yes, we have shares of Facebook."


The culture we have is the most important part of Camlas. Despite running an investing enterprise which a lot of people would perceive to be quite a serious matter that requires a certain level of professionalism and formality in order to succeed, we are actually extremely informal. With it initially being set up within a group of friends, if we have anything important to say, the likelihood is it will be discussed in either a pub, on a camping trip, on a lads holiday or at about 3am at one of our houses.

Despite us growing from the original 4 investors this attitude also stretchers to our new backers and will remain. Like the investing approach, we believe this to be the best way to produce results and whether the operation grows to become a more serious venture or not this culture wont change.

I will only ever be comfortable investing money for people I have a friendly and trustworthy relationship with who also understands our mission, the way we operate and wants to achieve the same investment goals as the rest of us.
​We'll always welcome additional investors, especially deep pocketed ones, but no matter how much investment money they have to offer it will mean nothing if their values, interests and investment goals are not inline with ours. Regardless of the investment size, my approach or the way we informally go about our business will not be altered.

I believe having the ability to iron out any issues or discuss potential ideas in a casual, non hostile environment is much more advantageous on our quest to produce long term results.