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Water Bills

Next time your water bill arrives dispute it without hesitation.

The shareholders of UK Water Companies have this year pocketed £1billion in dividends which is a clear indication that as per usual Britain is getting ripped off.

Utility companies should not be in a position to have such large amounts of free capital available to its owners and in my opinion should be either nationalised, run as non profits or at the very least run as private companies so they cannot be influenced and commanded by unscrupulous foreign shareholders.

Owners have a right to participate in the success of a company through dividends. This can be achieved while conducting a business with integrity.

But these companies are being run without any integrity and are amassing huge profits at the expense of us poor simpletons.

The problem is they have been allowed to get away with it due to the pigeon-hearted British population who, once a bill comes through the letterbox, pay it without hesitation, terrified of repercussions and then moan at how much they have to pay out rather than at least attempting to do something about it.

People will happily cause a kerfuffle if the price of a pint is a couple of quid more in another city or a ludicrously priced sandwich at a petrol station yet seem to shy away from disputing bills that are sent to their address.

If everyone actually started questioning these bills, companies would soon have to rethink and not have the easy job of chucking a few digits next to some form of measurement knowing they'll be paid regardless.

It's worth noting that despite the payouts, the Water Companies are collectively losing over 800 million gallons of water a day through leaks while also saying they are unable to reduce prices.

So dispute your next bill. Say 'you must be mistaken, I haven't used that much water, maybe there is a leak around the corner you're too lazy to fix.' If they claim they are going to "switch your water off" just go camping or something.

But what a silly little threat to make considering the amount of water they are allowing to be lost through leaks could supply 22 million customers.

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